Corporate Responsibility

Interlegal Group subscribes to the principles of corporate social responsibility. Our philosophy has been developed around with a number of principles in values, integrity, professionalism, teamwork and respect. We consider this to be fundamental to the Company’s development and success.

Our values primarily concentrate in gathering certain requirements of our employees, customers and suppliers and the consumers of our services and encouraging a shared sense of loyalty. By recruiting employees who demonstrate from the outset the core values of integrity, professionalism, teamwork and respect, we develop our people in their roles so that we are able to use our expertise to deliver security solutions to our customers and financial performance for the company.

It is the company’s policy, wherever it conducts activities and business, to ensure that operational procedures are indentified which give proper regard to the legal, moral, social and environment impact of its activities, the conservation of the environment and where practicable contribute to the making of a safer environment to the benefit of the wider community.

The purpose of this statement is to ensure that those with responsibility for establishing and implementing working practices at all levels of the business have a clear understanding of the company’s minimum standards of operation and the expectations of the customer and stakeholders. It is essential that the Company demonstrates values and ensures that the ethical business standards set out in this statement are demonstrated throughout our operations and regularly reviewed. We are therefore committed to these standards and will take appropriate action in the unlikely event that they are not being met.