The Interlegal Group is seen as a global firm having several offices around the world, so we understand and fully promote diversity, which leads to mutual respect, for both clients and employees alike, regardless of culture, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, impairment, religion and so on. This is clearly reflected in our corporate goals, vision, training and day-to-day activities and Equal Opportunities policy.

Interlegal Group believes that our business, as well as our associated companies and employees will succeed at a faster rate, if they embrace the diversity of talent that exists in the market.  Everyone stands to benefit from a greater pool of ideas and talent which is an invaluable asset in the long-run. When employees and clients feel at ease, it has been shown that they are more productive, thereby providing a win-win situation for everyone.

Our Partners, Associates, Consultants & Staff

• Provide a positive experience for all our people wherever they are based.
• Ensure that all have the same opportunities to receive training, gather relevant experience, are remunerated in a fair manner.
• We welcome all clients in the same way, ensuring that they receive the same level of support and advice.
• Enter into new markets and increase our share of existing ones.
The community
• Work together with our local suppliers in the selection of products and services, thereby supporting local talent.
• We aim to ensure that all Suppliers are subjected to the same selection process therefore providing a fair selection process