Practice Areas

Our business relationship with professional firms often embraces combinations of nations, continents and cultures. Our professional policy has always been to offer the most effective national and international services for our clients.  For this particular reason we have launched Interlegal Group. 

Interlegal Group is currently building an international network comprising specially selected Professional Firms of the highest calibre. Our main aim is to ensure that our clients can receive legal expertise wherever and whenever they need.


International Law

The development of International Law is one of the primary goals at Interlegal Group. We deliver clear, practical advice from our international headquarters in the UK, our international network hub offices in Europe, South America and The Caribbean have held a minimum trade of at least 15 years or equivalent accolade in their home markets in recent years.

  • Industry

    Industry worldwide.

  • Accounting, Finance & investment

    Accounting, finance, business development & investment worldwide.

Interlegal Group is highly selective on their candidates that undergo a detailed selection procedure, including interviews and an on-site visit when appropriate. Specific areas firms are rated on include: professional excellence, the highest standard of ethics, timeliness, service strength, practical solutions, knowledge of local business and culture. The secret of our success is the range and depth of resources we offer our clients, such as safeguarding professionalism and client interests in their jurisdictions.

The professional solutions we have delivered for clients has touched every area of legal, industry, accounting, finance, business development, energy and natural resources, international arbitration, construction, corporate finance, finance, competition, employment, infrastructure, aviation and many others.

Interlegal Group continues to invest internationally to meet our clients’ needs around the world, particularly in emerging or high growth business markets.